Natures Way Beet Root Powder

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Beet root is not new to anyone. This delicious root has been part of our diet for a long time now. Beet root is sometimes considered as a superfood as it is power packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients which promote health. Beetroot is a rich source of vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Potassium, iron, etc. Beet root can be included in our diet in various ways and beetroot powder is one of them. There are several beet root powder brands available in the market. Nature’s Way Beet root powder is one of them. 

About the company

Tom Murdock started Nature’s Way four decades ago in United States of America with the aim of sharing the known herbal remedies with others. The company claims itself to be pioneer in various aspects like owning state of the art pharmaceutically licensed GMP manufacturing unit, bringing clinically verified European phytomedicines to the US market and in funding third party industries to distribute reliable health information. It also proudly says itself as a first major supplement company to be recognized as an organic food processor. 

Apart from being a provider of 500 different varieties of natural and nutritional products Nature’s Way claims it to be part of various programs beneficial to the mankind like identification of donor groups to save the world’s rainforests- treasure for herbal medicines, providing vitamins to the poor and in supporting research programs dedicated for finding cure for deadly diseases like cancer . 

Nature’s Way is currently associated with Schwabe North America and its associated brands like Boerick & Tafel, Integrative Therapeutics Inc and Enzymatic Therapy. Products manufactured by Nature’s Way include Antioxidants, coconut products and oil, herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, topical, specialty products, essential fatty acids and other products to support immune system, liver health and detoxification and weight loss regime. Some of the recently innovated products that are included in the Nature’s Way family of products include Alive, Fisol, Ginkgold, Sambucus, Thisilyn, Primadophilius and Hydroplenish   . 

Key product specifications

Some of the specifications of Nature's Way Beet Root Powder are as follows:Natures Way Beet Root Powder

  • Contains beet root, gelatin and Millet. 
  • Natural product with natural sugars, gum and starches of beet root. 
  • Beet root supplement has 5 mg Sodium and 25 mg Potassium (1% of required daily value) 
  • Available as capsules of 500mg in size of 100 capsules per pack. 
  • Recommended dosage is 2 capsules three times a day along with food.   
  • Supplement is made from beet produced in North America.

Beet root is a great for health and in general there are no side effects of consuming beet root.

Customer reviews about the product   

Majority of the customers using Nature's Way Beet Root Powder seem to be satisfied with it. They found it as a good source of energy, minerals and easy to assimilate form of iron. Based on analysis of reviews available at various blogs, seller sites and forums here is what customers of Nature's Way Beet Root Powder are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product?

  • Most of the customers say that they are able to keep their blood pressure under control by taking Nature's Way Beet Root Powder. 
  • Few customers say that they are able to enjoy the benefits offered by beet root like improved digestion, liver functioning and circulation. 
  • Few buyers say that they could see a rise in nitric oxide levels and were able to enjoy cardio benefits.  
  • Some of the customers say that the product is awesome as it does not have the unpleasant taste of natural beet roots and provides results without any adverse reactions. 

What buyers do not like about the product? 

  • Very few buyers complain of the dosage i.e. taking two to three tables thrice a day. 
  • Few buyers say that it is not worth the price. 

Nature's Way Beet Root Powder seems to be free of side effects. Customers using this natural energy source feel energized and recommend it as a safe product to promote digestion and detoxification functioning of liver. 

What we recommend

Beet root is a great addition to your diet. If you cannot take it in raw or juice form, taking it in powdered form is next best thing. Nature's Way Beet Root Powder is a product by a reputed firm and with good customer reviews. We recommend this product if you are looking for beet root powder.

Where can you get Nature's Way beet root powder?

There are several online portals which sell beet root powder. Here is a the list for some of the best ones:


If you plan to buy this supplement offline here is a great way to find the store selling it – Just enter your zip code and get a store near you.

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