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Kelp is an underwater seaweed and belongs to brown algae family. Kelp has gained lots of traction because it is rich in numerous nutrients such as zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, iron, Vitamin – A, D, E, K and many more. Apart from this kelp is considered to be best source of naturally occurring iodine. Because of its amazing benefits kelp supplements are available in various forms – powder, capsules, liquid, etc. in the market. There are several kelp brands available in the market and Nature's Way Kelp is one of them.

About the company      

Nature’s Way established by Tom Murdrock four decades ago claims itself to be America’s leader in herbal medicine. It also claims to be the first company to be certified as an organic food processor and for introducing European phytomedicines in to the U.S market. 

Nature’s Way, manufacturer of nearly 500 varieties of nutritional and herbal products says to implement various programs beneficial to the society such as identifying donor groups for protection of world’s rainforests, provide vitamins to the poor in developing nations and taking part in research programs associated with finding cure for deadly diseases like breast cancer. 

Products manufactured by Nature’s Way include vitamins, probiotics, essential fatty acids, coconut products, herbs, antioxidants and products supporting the functioning of immune system, liver health and weight loss. The company is also associated with brands like Integrative Therapeutics Inc, Boerick & Tafel and Enzymatic Therapy.  Fisol, Sambucus and Primadophilus are some of the new products being manufactured by Nature’s Way. 

Key product specifications  Nature's Way Kelp Capsules

Key features of Nature’s Way Kelp capsules are as follows: 

  • Each capsule contains 660 mg of Kelp whole dried plant that is guaranteed by the company to have 0.06% of iodine. Nature’s Way uses kelp growing in coastal waters at a depth of 1 to 10 feet. Other ingredient used in the making of the product is gelatin. 
  • Each capsule of Nature’s Way Kelp provides 390mcg of iron that corresponds to 2% of daily value, 400 mcg of iodine that is equivalent to 267% of daily value and 20 mg of sodium that is just 1% of daily value. 
  • Available as 660mg capsules in size 180 capsules per bottle. 
  • Recommended dosage is one capsule a day along with food. 


People sensitive to Iodine or those suffering with hyperthyroidism should not use the product. 
Pregnant and lactating women and those using iodine medications should consult the physician before the product. 

Customer reviews about the product 

Majority of the customers who purchased Nature’s Way Kelp capsules experience positive health benefits such as improved metabolism and overcome problems of indigestion and bloating. Based on the analysis of reviews available at various seller sites, forums and blogs here is what customers of Nature’s Way Kelp capsules are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product?   

  • Majority of the customers say that they are able to overcome the symptoms of hypothyroidism that they were unable to manage with other medications. They even experienced increased energy levels, better sleep and manage weight loss regime easily. 
  • Few customers say that the product worked better than multivitamins they have been taking for long time. 
  • Some of the buyers of the product who were suffering with fibrocystic breasts could find relief from pain in just two days. 
  • Customers who have taken these natural iodine supplements with the intention of having faster hair growth were able to observe positive results after continuous usage. They say that the product also helped to keep hair fall under control apart from promoting faster hair growth. 

What buyers do not like about the product?

  • Very few customers are not happy with Nature’s Way Kelp capsules as they suffered negative effects such as chronic pain of the thyroid. Few patients say that taking these capsules has initiated hormonal problems and stomach problems. 

From the customer reviews it is evident that Nature’s Way Kelp is a safe and natural way to obtain Iodine at an affordable price. Majority of the customers recommend it to overcome the problems of hypothyroidism, hair fall and also to boost the energy levels. 

Our recommendation

Nature’s Way is a known firm in herbal supplement space. Apart from that Nature’s Way Kelp capsules have been given thumbs up by most of the users. If you are looking for kelp capsules, we would recommend you to try this one out.

Where can you buy?

The best place to buy Nature’s Way Kelp capsules is online. Online buying from good portals is secure, convenient and many a times cheaper than offline purchase. We have shortlisted a few good online portals which sell this supplement:

  • – this remains our most trusted portal for herbal supplements
  • – available from producer’s website too.. A good place to buy


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