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Amino acids are essential for our body. Consider them as building materials which help in growing and maintaining proper cell structure in our body. Our body generally gets amino acids from proteins we eat. But if our diet is not proper there is deficiency of amino acids which may lead to improper functioning and body disorders.

Fortunately there are several amino acids supplement available of various kinds to help us take care of these deficiencies. NOW Foods Arginine is one of them. It contains Arginine a very important amino acid which promotes body health.

About the Company

If you have been a regular taker of supplements of any kind you would have heard of Now Foods. It is one of the known names in supplement industry. The company which started in 1968 produces hundreds of products in categories such as nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbal, etc.

Unlike most other supplement producers the company runs two own manufacturing unit and a dedicated lab for research.  We believe when we hear that a supplement comes from Now Foods, there is certain kind of credibility associated with it.

Product specifications for NOW Foods Arginine

Why we need Arginine at all? Arginine is known to assist in several very critical functions in our bidy including 1) helping kidneys remove waste 2) healing of cuts, bruises, wounds, etc. 3) help in maintaining proper function of immune system 4) maintain proper function of hormone system 5) Recently Arginine is also been found to promote cardiovascular health as it promotes development of nitrous oxide (a neurotransmitter ) in body.

Key specs. of NOW Foods Arginine are:

  • Capsules are of pharmaceutical grade, which means they are of good quality as prescribed or OTC medicines
  • Each capsule is of 500 mg. The supplement is available in two packet sizes – 100 capsules and 250 capsules.NOW Foods L-Arginine
  • No preservatives are added
  • Is safe for dairy intolerant, gluten intolerant and wheat intolerant people too.
  • Does not contain any salt, sugar, egg, soy or shellfish
  • Capsule cover is made from gelatin. Supplement also has traces of silica and Magnesium Stearate from vegetable source.

The company clearly mentions that the supplement is not for children. It should not be taken by people suffering from glaucoma, herpes, myocardial infarction or existing coronary artery disease.  Recommended dosage for the supplement is 2 capsules one to 3 times on a daily basis. Best taken between meals or at bed time.

What customers are saying about NOW Foods Arginine

Customer response for NOW Foods Arginine has been largely positive.

Positive things people are saying about the supplement:

  • Several buyers noticed that their blood pressure has become more controlled after using this supplement. Controlling blood pressure can help in avoiding several other diseases including that of heart.
  • Has helped buyers to remain energetic throughout the day. This has been of great help people who work out a lot or do lots of physical activity on a daily basis.
  • While it is not marketed that way by Now Foods many buyers have mentioned that their sexual performance has been increased by using this supplement. They mention this as a pleasant add on effect.
  • Some have mentioned that it is total worth for money for the price offered.

What some customers did not like about the product

As with all herbal supplements some users did no witness any benefits after taking the supplements. This is expected and not all supplements will work same on everyone. We are yet to find a supplement where there were no complains. In fact if we do find something like that the first thing we will think is – it is too good to be true.

Our recommendation

NOW Foods Arginine comes from a well known supplement producer brand. The specs of the supplement are good. Above all most users who have used the supplement have found it beneficial in many ways such as lowering of cholesterol, providing energy boost and a surprise rise in sex drive. If you are looking to buy Arginine supplement, we would surely recommend that you try this one.

Where to buy NOW Foods Arginine

As we always say, the best place to buy herbal supplements in The prices are good, you get your product very fast, payment is secure and it is most convenient way to own your NOW Foods Arginine. Other online portals where you can find the product are:


Now Foods also sell offline. If you want to buy it from a store here is the link of store locator for you –

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