NOW Foods Betaine HCL Review

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NOW Foods celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year is a natural health company based in Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA. The company claims to offer valuable products and services to help people lead better lives. NOW Foods manufactures a wide range of products like dietary supplements such as amino acids, minerals, products promoting cognitive functioning of brain, fiber supplements, products to support weight management, anti-aging products, moisturizers, skin care oils, probiotics, green foods, men specialty formulas, vitamins and women specialty formulas. 

Commitment to offer affordable, valuable healthcare products made NOW Foods win awards like four 2013 Vity Awards from Vitamin Retailer Magazine, Delicious living Supplement Award for the year 2013, Best of Natural Beauty Award from Better Nutrition, Hall of Legends Award from New Hope, 2011 Best Full Line of Supplements from Whole Foods Magazine and is named as the Top Workplace by Chicago Tribune. NOW Foods says that it has been making environment efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Key product specifications    

Some of the key specifications of NOW Foods Betaine HCL includes:

  • Each capsule contains a blend of 648 mg of Betaine Hydrochloride that is naturally derived from beets and 150 mg of pepsin enzyme that is encapsulated for faster delivery. Other ingredients of the product include Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and Silica. Now Foods Betaine HCl review
  • Does not contain yeast, sugar, gluten, salt, milk, soy, egg, shellfish, corn and preservatives. 
  • GMP quality assured product. 
  • Available as 648mg capsule in sizes of 120 capsules per bottle. 
  • Recommended dosage is one capsule before meals. 

Precautions to be followed while using NOW Food Betaine HCL

  • Patients suffering with duodenal or stomach ulcers should not use the product. 
  • The capsule should not be taken on empty stomach. 

Customer reviews of NOW Foods Betaine HCL  

Majority of the customers who purchased NOW Foods Betaine HCL say that their digestive ability improved. Based on the analysis of customer reviews available in various seller sites, forums and blogs here is what buyers of NOW Foods Betaine HCL are saying.

What buyers liked about the product?

  • Majority of the buyers say that pepsin, the digestive enzyme contained in the product helped to improve digestion and overcome a variety of bowel issues like acid reflux, heart burn and bloating. 
  • Few buyers who were lactose intolerant say that they are able to digest dairy products better after taking NOW Foods Betaine HCL than before. 
  • Some of the customers liked the product as it is safe and easy to use and valuable product available at low price. Even long term users of the product are able to enjoy satisfactory results without side effects. 

What buyers do not like about the product?  

Very few buyers say that the product failed to show any improvement in their digestive disorders. They say that even changing the diet plan along with taking the product was not helpful. Few buyers say that their digestive problems became worse after taking the product.


NOW Foods Betaine HCL seems not to have any noticeable side effects and come from a reputed and old manufacturer of supplements. Majority of the customers recommend it as a safe and good product to relieve digestive problems at low price. We recommend this product.

Where to buy?

The easiest and the most economical way to buy  NOW Foods Betaine HCL is through Amazon. Here is the link.

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