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Turmeric is a miracle herb / spice. Turmeric has been used as food and medicine in Southeast Asian countries especially in India since ancient times. Turmeric has been recommended for curing numerous ailments in Ayurveda, ancient Indian medical science. Today, modern research is also backing up what people knew for decades. Turmeric has been found beneficial in more than 100 body problems such as inflammation, wounds, infections, immunity, etc. 

There are several turmeric supplement brands available in the market today. Organic India is one of them. It differs from the rest as it is an Indian company and sources turmeric from organic farmers in India where turmeric is grown most abundantly in the world. 

About the company     

Organic India Private Limited based in Lucknow, India is a manufacturer of a variety of certified organic products. The company claims itself to be pioneer in introducing Tulsi (Holy basil) tea to the international market. It says that its herbal medicinal products are made basing on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and on the results and case studies conducted by Dr.N.Singh for forty years. 

Organic India is marketing its products in India and internationally in UK, Israel, Australia, Czech Republic, USA and Europe. The company says that it is making efforts to expand its business around the world. Wide range of organic products manufactured by Organic India include a variety of Tulsi teas such as Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Green tea, Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea, organic medicines designed to provide positive health benefits, syrups like FEM care, Immunity, Liv + Care, Osteoseal and VMA, organic Chyawanprash and Desi Ghee made from Cow’s milk. Organic India products adhere to certain certification standards like USDA Organic Certification, SGS GMP Certification, EU Organic certification and ISO 9001:2008. 

Key product specifications for Organic India Turmeric    

Some of the key specifications of Organic India Turmeric Include:

  • Made from organic turmeric cultivated by tribal people in Orissa.
  • Each capsule contains about 370mg of Organic turmeric Rhizome, 80 mg of turmeric extract (95% curcumimoids) and 50mg of organic ginger rhizome. Other ingredient used in the making of the product is vegetable cellulose. Organic India Turmeric
  • Koshar & Halal certified product. 
  • Gluten free vegan that does not contain GMO. 
  • Available in sizes of 60 capsules and 90 capsules per bottle. 
  • Recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules twice a day with food and water. 

Pregnant and lactating women should not use the product without consulting the physician. 

Customer reviews about the product 

Majority of the customers who purchased Organic India Turmeric are able to enjoy better health. Based on analysis of product reviews available at various forums, seller sites and blogs here is what customers of Organic India Turmeric are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product?   

  • Majority of the buyers of the product say that they are able to enjoy radiant looking skin, improved liver functioning, better digestion, healthy joints, normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels and better overall health. 
  • Few customers say that the anti-inflammatory action of the product offered relief from stiffness, spasms, inflammation of the joints and muscle pains and promote healthy skeletal system. 
  • Few buyers say that they are able to keep stress under control and improve heart health.  
  • Some of the customers say that they liked the product as it is an organic product free of side effects and safe for long term usage.
  • Customers are also happy that this extract also gives them ginger extract along with turmeric which is great too!

What buyers do not like about the product? 

Very few patients say that the Organic India Turmeric does not offer relief from arthritis. 

From the customer reviews of the product it seems that Organic India Turmeric is safe to use and free of side effects. Majority of the customers recommend it to overcome problems of joints, improve digestion, to keep blood sugar and cholesterol under control and to enjoy better overall health. 

Our Recommendation

Organic India is a well known name in organic farming and supplements. It has been known for its quality products. Further, customer reviews of the product has been great too. If you are looking for a good turmeric supplement, we would recommend Organic India Turmeric.

Where can you buy Organic India Turmeric?

There are several good online stores where you can buy Organic India Turmeric. We have researched a few for you. Here is the list:

  • – This is our recommended portal for buying almost every herbal supplement because of quality, prompt delivery, secure payment and good customer care.
  • – buying from company website itself is also a great idea.


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