Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System Review

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Rainbow Light a Santa Cruz, California, USA based company was established in the year 1981. Company claims that all of its products are purely natural supporting the environment safety and well-being of its customers. The company says that it has been fighting against global malnutrition in association with Vitamin Angels, Homeless Garden project and Santa Cruz Food Band. It also says that its bio-balanced products are produced in its own production units adhering to the federal Good Manufacturing Practices without using artificial and other objectionable additives. 

Various products manufactured by Rainbow Light include prenatal vitamins, calcium and minerals, products promoting oral health and digestive health, antioxidants, weight management products, children’s vitamins, protein energizer and omegas. The company says that it indulges in activities like donating supplements to children to fight against malnutrition and prenatal vitamins to promote infant and maternal survival chances. 

Key product specifications    

Here are key product specifications of Rainbow light advanced enzyme system:

  • 100 % natural product made using plant source enzymes and soothing botanicals. 
  • One capsule provides 86mg of plant source enzymes, 3000 DU of Amylase, 7AGU of Glucoamylase, 60 LU of lipase, 7,500 HUT of protease, 100 SU of invertase, 243 DP of Malt diastase, 200 CU of Cellulase, 39,800 PU of Bromelain, 100 ALU of Lactase, 38,870 PU of papain, 135 mg of digestive food and herb blend, 30 mg of green papaya, 30 mg of Apple pectin, 20 mg Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme Systemof ginger, 10 mg of peppermint herb, 15 mg each of turmeric, fennel seed and sea vegetable complex respectively. 
  • Other ingredients used in the making of the Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System are microcrystalline cellulose, beet root fiber, water, magnesium stearate and hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose. 
  • Free of sugar, wheat, lactose, artificial colors, eggs, fish, nuts, shell fish sweeteners, preservatives and allergenic yeast. 

Available in sizes of 90 and 180 capsules per container. Packed in eco-guard containers made of 100% recyclable material that is BPA-free.  

Customer reviews about the product    

Majority of the customers who purchased the product say that the plant sourced enzymes contained in the capsules provided them the needed digestive comfort without worrying about allergy concerns. Based on customer reviews available at various seller sites, forums and blogs here is what customers of Rainbow light advanced enzyme system are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product?

  • Majority of the customers who purchased Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System say that the natural enzymes and the contents like green papaya, turmeric and ginger contained in the capsules helped them alleviate the problem of acid reflux, heart burn, bloating and other stomach problems.
  • Few customers say that the product works like a miracle and is best natural product to overcome the problem of indigestion at an affordable price. They also say that it is a safe product as it is free of allergens. 
  • Some of the customers say that they liked the product compared to other similar products available in the market as they are very easy to take and free of unpleasant taste or odor that is commonly observed with natural products. 

What buyers do not like about the product?  

Very few customers say that the product contains too many herbs and it had worsened their stomach problems. 

Our Recommendation

From the customer reviews it seems that Rainbow Light advanced enzyme system seems to be free of side effects. Majority of the customers recommend this safe, allergen free natural enzyme formula to overcome the stomach problems like indigestion, acid reflux and excess gas. 

If you are looking for a good quality product with enzymes to help your digestion we would recommend you give Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System a try.

Where can you buy Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System

Here are some great online portals to buy this product

  • Amazon.com – our favorite and highly recommended
  • iHerb.com
  • Vitacost.com
  • Vitaminshoppe.com
  • Drugstore.com
  • Ebay.com
  • Rainbowlight.com – You can also buy directly from the company’s website too. But we would suggest you buy from more reliable portals as given above.

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