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Maca is grown in central Peru. It has been part of the native diet and medicine since long and known for its amazing health benefits. Maca is cruciferous vegetable in the mustard family. Maca root is well known today to improve reproductive health of both male and female. It is also a well-known herb to increase stamina and strength (thus popular with body builders and people who do extreme physical exercise). As naturally grown only in Peru, around the globe is consumed mostly in supplement form. Almost all popular herbal supplement brands have Maca supplement as one of their offering. Here we are going to discuss about Maca supplement by Now Foods.

About the Company

If you love herbal supplements, vitamins, mineral and other nutritional supplements chances are high that you must have heard about Now Foods already.  Now Foods has been around for more than 40 years and now and sells hundreds of products. They not only have their own dedicated manufacturing sites but a full-fledged research team too.

Now Foods is a well respected name in supplements industry.

Key specification of Now Foods Maca

Here key specs of the supplement:

  • Every capsule has 500 mg of Maca root (Lepidium meyenii)
  • Comes in two pack sizes – 100 capsules and 250 capsulesNow Foods Maca‚Äč
  • Other minor ingredients include Gelatin (capsule is made of it) and Magnesium Stearate
  • It does not contain wheat, sugar, dairy, nuts, shellfish, corn, soy, gluten. Thus safe for people with these allergies.

Recommended dosage is 1 capsule once or twice a day. There are no other specific precautions mentioned for usage.

What are customers are saying about the product

Now Foods Maca is very well received by buyers. Based on our research of forums, blogs and online buying portal reviews, most people who have tried the product are satisfied or very satisfied with it.

What customers like about the product?

  • Most buyers have witnessed increase in sexual energy and libido after using the product.
  • Female buyers mention that their periods have become regular after using the supplement for some time.
  • Another benefit quoted is relief from hot flashes and other menopause related issues such as moodiness, tiredness, water-retention and lack of energy.
  • Some female buyers also mentioned that it helped them getting pregnant which they were trying without success in past.
  • Also helped a few buyers in mood swings and maintaining their hormonal balance
  • Several buyers indicated the product quality is superior to others and also it is great value for money at its current price

Some problems faced by customers

As with all herbal supplements, Maca by Now Foods did not work for some buyer. A few did not witness any change in their libido others no relief in menopause symptoms. This is very common and there will no herbal or even prescription medicine which will work for all people all the time.

Our recommendation

Now Foods Maca is a product by a reputed company. It has received great customer reviews both from male and female users. If you are a looking for a good quality Maca supplement, we would recommend this to you for sure.

Where to buy Now Foods Maca?

There are several places you can buy Now Foods Maca offline including Walmart, pharmacies and several stores where Now Foods supplement are sold (find your nearest store here – But we believe the best way to buy it is online. Here are some great portals from where you can order it:

  • – best place to buy almost everything under the sun.

If you have used this supplement, please share your reviews for benefit of others.


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