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Biotin is also known as vitamin H. It is also a coenzyme. In most we can get biotin required by our body from various foods, thus its deficiency is rare. Biotin is helpful in various ways as it helps keep our metabolism, digestion system, skin, nerves etc, healthy. It is also know to promote hair health.

About the Company – Natrol

Natrol Inc. is more than 30 years old firm based in Chatsworth CA. The company is in business of nutritional supplements. It has a range of more than hundred products ranging from herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and more.

Overall, Natrol Inc. is a well-known name in herbal supplement industry and its products are well respected in the market.

Product specification Natrol Biotin

Key specifications for Natrol Biotin are:

  • Biotin per serving is 10,000 mcg. This is 3,333% of daily required dose by our body.
  • Supplement also has 66 mg calcium
  • Other minor ingredients include – cellulose, stearic acid, silica, magnesium stearate, methylcellulose, cellulose gum, glycerine, etc.
  • Recommended dosage – 1 tablet per day
  • Comes in bottle of 100 and 400 tablets.

Natrol highlights healthy hair, nail growth and energy production as the key benefit of the supplement.  One should consult a doctor if on medication, pregnant or lactating.

Overall the specifications are good (what else can you expect when supplement has 3,333% of required daily dosage!).nartol biotin review

What customers are saying about Natrol Biotin?

Customer response for this supplement has been great. Most customers are either very happy of happy using the product. Natrol biotin is not a recent launch and thus there are large number of reviews available on the supplement across buying and review portals. Based on the analysis of these reviews here is what customers have to say:

What customers like about the product

  • The biggest benefit seems to be to people with hair issues. Many customers have provided positive feedback that their hair has become thicker and stronger. Some even mentioned that there was new hair growth!
  • Seems to work with people of all age groups. Customers who have provided feedback include teenagers, adults and people above 55 years of age!
  • For some customers their hair also became shiny after using the product
  • Another benefit mentioned (which is sort of a bonus) is that customers noticed that their eyelashes also became thicker.
  • Many buyers bought the product because of nail related problems – flaking, layering and general broken nails. The feedback by these has also been good. In due course of time most noticed considerable difference in strength of their nails.
  • As a surprise many users of Natrol biotin witnessed weight loss too. While the number of pounds shed were not too many.

Issue faced by customers using the product

  • The most frequent problem customers have faced is acne outbreak after taking the supplement. People with no acne also got acne and ones with existing acne had severe breakout. Some buyers mentioned that they were able to solve the issue by reducing the dosage of the supplement for example taking a capsule once in 2 days.
  • Some people got severe headache after taking supplements of few days. The headache went away when they stopped the supplement
  • A few users mentioned that they feel excessive thirst after taking the supplement. They also started feeling urge to urinate much more frequently with the supplement.
  • Some witnessed upset stomach

While the dosage of biotin in this supplement seem to be very high but as it is water soluble vitamin it is not accumulated in body (just flushed out). Thus Biotin is generally considered safe even at very high levels.

Our recommendation

Most users who bought Natrol Biotin seem to be satisfied with it. Even the ones who had acne outbreaks had improvement in their hair!  Overall, based on reputation of the company and positive customer feedback we recommend this product to people looking for biotin supplements especially for hair and nail related issues.

Where to buy Natrol Biotin?

There are several online and offline places you can buy Natrol Biotin. In offline superstores such and Walmart are best, others are pharmacies. But the best way to buy this supplement is online. Here are some great portals to do so:

  • – hands down the best place to buy online because of convenience, payment security and quality assurance
  • – website of Natrol

This is just shortlist of some good portals. There are many more where you can get Natrol Biotin. 

If you have used this supplement and please share your experience!

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