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Prostate is part of man’s body and is located below the bladder. It plays key role in sex life. Close to one third men above develop some of other prostate problem after 50 years of age.  But it is surprising that very few people actually know about it and problems associated with it. 
There are various ways to deal with prostrate problems and taking herbal supplements is one of them. There are several herbal supplement brands in the market marketed as prostate health promoters. 

About the company    

New Chapter established by Paul and Barbi Schulick in 1982 is manufacturer of organic foods and herbs. This Vermont, USA based company claims as a first company to make vitamins and minerals with organic ingredients and to produce products that are known for their potency, purity and originality.  

New Chapter says that its organic biodynamic Demeter certified field in Costa Rica is popular for sustainable agriculture. It also owns Sacred Seeds Sanctuary in Costa Rica that is known for caring endangered medicinal plants. The company claims that all its products are free of harmful chemical solvents and the entire manufacturing packaging and printing processes are environment friendly. 

Different products manufactured by New Chapter include multivitamins, enzymes, probiotics, whole food supplements, ginger formulas, specialty formulas, fish oil, products supporting women’s health, men’s health, products promoting heart health, bone health, joint health and to regulate inflammation. The company proudly says that it is the first supplement and vitamin company to be verified by Non-GMO project. 

Key product specifications    

Key features of New chapter Prostate 5LX are as follows:

  • Each soft gel contains 50mcg of selenium probiotic nutrients, 320mcg of saw palmetto supercritical extract, 100mcg of Green New Chapter Prostate 5LXtea leaf extract, 96mg of organic pumpkin seed oil, 80mg of blend of ginger superficial extract and hydroethanolic extract, 50mg of stinging nettle root hydroethanolic extract in 10:1 ratio, 50mg of stinging Nettle root aqueous extract in 5:1 ratio and 50mg of Rosemary leaf supercritical extract. The selenium probiotic nutrients contribute to about 71% of the daily value. These ingredients provide inflammation modulating nutrients that prevent aging and promote prostate health. 
  • Other ingredients used in the making of the soft gel are fermented soy, olive oil-extra virgin, yellow beeswax, organic sunflower oil, maltodextrin, gelatin, water, carob and vegetable glycerin. 
  • Does not contain harsh chemical solvents and gluten. 
  • Non GMO project verified product. 
  • Available in sizes of 60 and 120 soft gels per container. 

Recommended dosage is one soft gel twice day along with food. 

Customer reviews about the product   

Majority of the customers who purchased the product are able find relief from prostate issues and have normal urine flow. Based on analysis of customer reviews of New Chapter Prostate 5LX available at various seller sites, blogs and forums here is what customers are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product?

  • Majority of the buyers liked the product as it is completely natural product providing relief from prostate problems and frequent urination at a very low price compared to other similar products available in the market. 
  • Few buyers say that the product helped them regulate hormone production and prevent conversion of testosterone to estradiol and ultimately control issues of enlarged prostate gland. They also say that the soft gels are small in size and are easy to swallow. 
  • Some of the customers say that they are able to have better night sleep due to reduced trips to bathroom. They say that presence of multiple ingredients in one capsule helped them avoid taking multiple capsules. 
  • Few customers say that product says exactly what it offers and it is free of side effects. 

What buyers do not like about the product?

Very few buyers say that they did not find any improvement in their prostate health. Few of them say that similar effects can be obtained by taking ingredients like green tea alone and thus they did not like to continue with the product. 

From the customer reviews it can be seen that the New Chapter Prostate 5LX does not cause any side effects and is a safe natural product to alleviate problems of enlarged prostate gland. Majority of the customers recommend it as it is a natural product offering excellent results at low price compared to other similar products in the market. 

Our recommendation

New Chapter has been in business of herbal supplements of various kinds for more than 3 decades now. The company has produces some popular herbal supplements during this time. Further, the feedback of customers about Prostate 5LX is also positive. If you plan to buy a supplement for prostate health, we would recommend you give Prostate 5LX a try.

Where can you buy?

There are several online portals where you can buy Prostate 5LX. Here is a list of some of the most popular and trusted ones:


If you plan to buy from a store, here is the link to store finder –

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