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Mental alertness is very important in almost all tasks we do but today’s life style and stress can take a toll on it. There are so many of us who have tough being alert and get exhausted easily. Apart from other possible things there are also herbal supplements available in the market which helps promote mental alertness. L-Tyrosine is one such supplement. Here we review Now Foods L-Tyrosine which is popular in the market, but it is really good enough? Let us find out.

About the Company

NOW Foods is one of the big names in supplement industry. The company was founded in 1968, a time when supplement market was not no big at all. Today, NOW Foods is in the business of producing herbal / vitamin / mineral supplements, sports nutrition, personal care stuff and select food. It has hundreds of products in various categories. The company has two manufacturing facilities where its products are produced. It also has a research lab (most supplements company do not have any of these). The company follows Good Manufacturing Practices at its facilities.

Overall, NOW Foods is a well known and reliable name in herbal supplements industry.

Our rating – 5/5

Product specification for Now Foods L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is one of the amino acids required by our body. Our body can synthesize this amino acid from other amino acids and thus in most cases people do not require L-Tyrosine. But if our body is not able to do so then it has to be supplemented from outside. L-Tyrosine is known to be effective in many ways including improving mental alertness, treating moderate depression, ADD, ADHD, etc. It is also known to promote healthy functions of our glands. Our body uses L-Tyrosine to produce ‘messengers’ which are responsible of enhancing brain activity (alertness).

Here are the key specifications of supplement by Now FoodsReview Now foods L- Tyrosine

  • Company claims that Pharmaceutical Grade L-Tyrosine is used in the supplement which means it should be of good quality
  • This supplement is available in several packing sizes – 60, 90 and 120 capsules.
  • Every capsule is 500 mg and recommended dosage is 1 capsule one to three times in a day between meals
  • Supplement also contains gelatin (capsule cover), Magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid
  • Supplement is safe for people who are gluten and dairy product intolerant. It also does not contain and sugar and salt.

The supplement is for adults only. While company claims that the supplement is safe in general but in following situations you should consult a doctor before taking it:

  • Pregnant women, lactating mothers
  • If you have existing conditions as supplement may interact with your medications
  • If you are already taking mood altering medications

Complete information is provided about the product. There is clear mention of what the supplement is, what it does, who should take it and precautions.

Our rating – 5/5

What are customers saying about Now foods L- Tyrosine

The reviews of this supplement over forums, blogs and buying sites are very good. Most customers have benefited from the use of the supplement.

What customers like about the product

  • Most customers used the supplement to alter their mood / mild depression and they mention that it has really helped them which good news.
  • Some others used the supplement for sleep disorders – excess sleep, no sleep, etc. are also witnessed improvement
  • Some have also compared L- Tyrosine of Now Foods with other brands and found this better.

What customers do not like about the product

As expected with every herbal supplement, there are few cases when the L- Tyrosine supplement did not work. But this is expected, even prescribed medications do not work same way on all people! Some users witnessed acne outbreaks and constipation issues but that may be very specific.

Our recommendation

Now foods L- Tyrosine comes from a very reputed supplement producer and has received great reviews from customers too. If you are looking to buy L- Tyrosine and not finalized which one to buy, we highly recommend you try this one.

Where can you buy Now foods L- Tyrosine

The best way to buy Now foods L- Tyrosine is online from Through Amazon, you get fast delivery, good customer care and secure payment options. If you plan to visit a store and buy it here is the link of store locater for you –

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