Should You Buy KAL Pure Stevia Extract?

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Stevia is a shrub like grown in South America. Stevia is more than 300 times sweeter than normal sugar and thus has gained lots of popularity as sugar substitute. Sugar is full of calories and causes other health problems. Stevia on the other hand is associated with helping achieve weight loss, low blood sugar levels, etc. There are several Stevia brands available in the market. KAL Pure Stevia Extract is one of them.

About the company

KAL brand founded in the year 1932 in Southern California manufactures nutritional supplements. It claims to manufacture quality products as per the GMP standards using high quality raw materials. It says that all of its products undergo thorough testing before they are delivered to the customers. 

KAL manufactures about 500 different varieties of products such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, enzymes, multivitamins for kids, amino acids, antioxidants, progesterone creams, Cal Mag liquid, co-factors and other supplements to support various nutritional goals and for resolving various health concerns. KAL products are available in the form of gummies, softgels, powders, chewables, topical creams and tablets. Currently, Nutraceutical, manufacturer and marketer of branded nutritional supplements owns KAL brand.  

Key product specifications    

Key features of KAL Pure Stevia are listed below. 

  • Made using natural Stevia extract. Other ingredients contained in the product include Kosher vegetable glycerin and water. KAL Pure Stevia
  • Free of alcohol. The company guarantees that the product does not have any ingredients other than those listed on the label. 
  • Available in powdered form and liquid form in sizes of 3.5 oz, 3 oz and 4fl oz, . 
  • One serving of the product in liquid form contains 25mg of Stevia leaf extract that supplies steviosides. One serving of product in powder form contains 42mg of Stevia leaf extract. 

Recommended dosage is five drops or one scoop of powder once a day mixed in a meal or beverage. 

Customer reviews about the product 

Majority of the customers who purchased KAL Pure Stevia Extract are able to enjoy sweet desserts without any affect on blood sugar levels. Based on the analysis of reviews available at various seller sites, forums and blogs here is what customers are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product

  • Majority of the customers who purchased the product say that it is an excellent sweetener compared to other brands available in the market. They say that it has got mild sweetness without any after taste. Even the powdered product tastes good without any after taste. 
  • Few customers say that single container of the product lasts long as the serving size is very less to get the desired sweetness. They also say that it dilutes fast without leaving any residue. 
  • Some of the customers liked the product as it is completely natural without any additives. 
  • Few customers say that it has no calories and the steviosides in the product do not affect blood glucose levels. Hence, they consider it to be safe for diabetic patients and even non diabetics can use the product to stay fit and healthy. 

What buyers do not like about the product?  

Very few buyers did not like the product as they say that it has got a very strong bitter after taste when used in large amounts in cooking. 
From the customer reviews it can be seen that KAL Pure Stevia extract does not cause any side effects. Majority of the customers recommend it as a best alternative to sugar as it safe, low cost, pure product that does not leave any unpleasant after taste. 

Our recommendation

Stevia has been found to be great and thus has replaced sugar as a sweetener. KAL has been there for almost a decade and well known. Moreover, the feedback regarding the product has been great. So, if you are looking for a good Stevia brand you should definitely give this one a try.

Where can you buy KAL Pure Stevia extract?

The best place to buy herbal extracts is through reliable online portals. Here are a few good ones:

  • – best place to buy almost every herbal supplement

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