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Berberine is gaining popularity as an herbal supplement. Berberine is actually an alkaloid which is extracted from various plats known to have anti-diabetic effects. Most of these plants are part of traditional Chinese medicine system. The key benefit Berberine is known to provide is to fight diabetes. It is sometimes known as ‘natural way’ to fight diabetes.  Other benefits of Berberine include – controlling cholesterol levels, promoting cardiovascular health, helps in combating depression, etc.

Knowing its potential benefits, several brands have launched Berberine supplements in the market. One of them is by Swanson Health Products.

About the company

Swanson Health Products was established in 1969. Since then the company has expanded a lot into various health and nutrition related products including herbal, vitamin, mineral supplements etc.

The company claims to be using Good Manufacturing Practice for producing its supplements. You can buy Swanson products either on it’s own website or on third part websites such as Amazon. They are also available at offline stores.

Key Specification of Swanson Berberine

Here are key specs. of Berberine  supplement by Swanson Health Products:

  • It is extracted from natural sources such as roots of Berberis aristata (also known as tree turmeric).
  • Each capsule has 400 mg Berberine HCl. A bottle has 60 capsules
  • Apart from Berberine HCl supplement also has silica, magnesium stearate, gelatin and rice flour

Recommended dosage is one capsule with meal one or two times a day. The supplement should only be taken by adults. Pregnant and lactating women should not take it. If you are on any medications consult your doctor before starting with Berberine course.

What are customers saying about Swanson Berberine

There are not many user reviews available for Swanson Berberine yet. But based on analysis of available comments on blogs, forums, online buying portals the supplement seems to work well. Here is what customers are saying:

What customers like about the product

  • Several buyers which provided feedback commented that their blood sugar levels lowered down after they started taking the supplement.
  • Some people mentioned additional benefits such as – less frequent mood swings, better digestion, natural detox, etc.

A few buyers also mentioned about the issues faced while using the supplement. These included stomach pain and other mild side effects.

Overall customers seem satisfied with Swanson Berberine supplement.

Our recommendation

Swanson Health Products is a reputed name in herbal supplements and customers have also given thumbs up to this supplement. Thus, we recommend it to anyone thinking to buy a good quality Berberine supplement.

Where can you buy Swanson Berberine?

There are several places you can buy this supplement online. To start with it is available on Swanson’s website at – Another great place to buy Swanson Berberine is It is convenient, secure and quality is assured.

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  1. patrick rauf says:

    Have used this and found it cool .. not expensive too

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