Vitafusion Fiber Gummies Review

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Vitafusion is one of the brands of Northwest Natural Products that was established about three decades ago. It manufactures over 142 different items that includes a variety of dietary supplements for both adults and children. The company says that their novel delivery system makes vitamins palatable and easy to take. The company claims that all of its operations are environmentally sustainable and also offer a safe working environment for its employees. Northwest Natural Products was acquired by Church & Dwight Co.Inc. 

The company claims that all of its products are subject to stringent testing such as microbiological testing of raw materials, potency testing to ascertain the potency of its products and heavy metal testing to ensure that the final product is free of heavy metals like mercury and lead. Other brands of Northwest Natural Products are AccuFlora and L’ll Critters. 

Key product specifications    

Some of the key features of Vitafusion Fiber Gummies include:

  • Two gummies provide about 5g of total carbohydrate that contributes to about 2% of daily value, 5g of dietary fiber that contributes to 20% of daily value, 5g of soluble fiber and less than one percent of sugar alcohol.  
  • Ingredients used in the making of the product are polydextrose, gelatin, xylitol, malic acid, natural flavors and colors, beeswax, fractioned coconut oil and sucralose. Vitafusion Fiber Well review
  • Free of sugar, gluten, peanuts, soy and milk. 
  • Has an excellent taste that made it win ChefsBest Award. 
  • Available in different flavors of natural peach, blackberry and strawberry. 
  • Available in sizes of 90 and 220 capsules per container. 
  • Recommended daily dosage is 2 gummies per day. 

Customer reviews about the product  

Majority of the customers who purchased the product say that they helped them lead a healthy lifestyle by providing the needed energy and stamina. Based on customer reviews available at various seller sites, forums and blogs here is what customers of Vitafusion Fiber Gummies are saying. 

What buyers liked about the product?

  • Majority of the customers say that high fiber content of the product helped them alleviate symptoms like stomach ache and constipation.
  • Few customers say that they liked the gummies because they are easy to take, taste good and fast acting. They also say that they are safe even for long term use
  • Some of the customers liked the product as they are very affordable and worth the price. They also say that these supplements are an ideal way to curb overeating and also provided more amount of fiber than other brands. 

What buyers do not like about the product?

  • Very few customers did not like the product as it made them suffer with excess gas production in the stomach. 
  • From the customer reviews it seems that Vitafusion Fiber Gummies are free of side effects. Majority of the customers recommend these gummies to obtain the needed fiber and alleviate constipation. They say that these fast acting safe gummies are worth the price and provide more fiber than other brands. 

Our Recommendation

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies are product of Vitafusion which have been in business for quite some time. They have wide variety of products in the market too. Further, the customer response of the product has been great too. We highly recommend this product to everyone.

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Vitafusion Fiber Gummies Review
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